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Water Well Drilling Services in Columbia SC

Water Well Drilling Services in Columbia SC

Due to the size of the drilling equipment, one of our technicians will meet with you at your residential or business location in South Carolina to discuss your new well. We provide on-site well consultations to answer your questions and make sure we are choosing the optimum location for your property. State regulations require that the well location must be at least 50 feet from a septic tank, sewer lines and drain fields.

We will then review costs and go through our drilling contract with you. We utilize up-front well drilling contracts to keep your apprised and informed of the scope of work for your South Carolina Well. Upon contract signing, we will apply for a water well permit with the state of South Carolina. Austin Drilling Inc. takes care of all the paperwork and supported filings for your well in the state of South Carolina.

We begin drilling by boring through the upper ground formation in order to find solid bedrock. Once located, casing is installed in order to prevent contaminants from entering the well and to ensure the structural integrity of the borehole. This casing will not be required for the full well depth, only to solid rock, and will then be externally sealed with NSF-approved bentonite. This protective barrier will guard against contaminated water entering your well from undesirable water sources.

Next, a smaller drill bit is used inside the casing, and the search for water begins. When the desired amount is obtained, the well is cleaned of drill cuttings and the water supply circulated. To ensure bacteria were not introduced during the drilling process, the well is sanitized and secured with a water-tight cap. A completed well log provides information about the formations encountered and water-bearing zones that were used by our crew to design a pumping system specific to your well parameters and for your water usage requirements.

Well drilling can be messy while in progress, but once your landscaping is back in place, your well will blend in seamlessly with your property.

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